Internet Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

The Internet has drastically changed from an informative platform into a marketing strategy. The Internet is being used to promote businesses and products. Many business leaders are adapting the online marketing platforms and getting rid of the traditional methods. The cannabis industry is slowly blooming. Business people have used the internet to develop and grow their businesses. Online marketing has gained widespread popularity because of its ability to attract and retain customers. There are different types of internet marketing strategies cannabis dealers can use to effectively market their products and brands. Let us waste no time and look at some online marketing strategies used to advertise their services:

Cannabis Email marketing for Dispensaries

Email marketing has gained widespread popularity among cannabis dispenser dealers because it costs almost nothing. Moreover, it is the only internet marketing platform that has the potential for high returns on investments. A cannabis service provider needs to collect a list of subscribers from your customer base. Most dealers choose their social media followers. Email marketing serves two purposes, namely relaying information to the targeted audience and encouraging repetitive traffic.

Social media marketing

As we all know, social media platforms house a lot of audiences. Twitter is a fantastic tool for Marijuana Dispensary marketing.  All businesses need an online presence to be successful. Social media can help a cannabis dealer gain the desired audience. Social media marketing fully depends on the quality of the content to attract or chase away the audience.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization can also be referred to as SEO.It is an internet marketing strategy that aims at making websites visible on search engines. SEO for dispensaries aims at making a brand’s website visible on search engine. Cannabis industry can benefit handsomely from this digital marketing strategy. Studies have revealed people use search engines to access the information about products.

Personal branding

Branding influences the success of the business. Personal marketing is an online marketing platform that aims at creating positive reviews for the selected brand. This strategy aims at making brands appear trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients. It also aims at promoting the personal image of the brand. In addition to this, personal branding gives business owners the power to meet and network their brands with other dealers.

Content marketing

As the name suggests, content marketing is all about marketing your products and services through content. It can be through the use of eBooks and white papers among others. Content marketing fully depends on high-quality content. High-quality content tends to attract a lot of clients when compared to those with many grammatical errors and proper sentence structure.

Marketing the Benefits of Marijuana Legalization


Some people are fearful or doubt it when they hear in the news that they are going to continue legalization and marketing marijuana to the public. Which is an understandable kind of fear and uncertainty to have and experience, knowing the history and the dangerous results when it comes to marijuana, there’s bound to be a fallback. But there are a lot of people and doctors, who has studied and analyzed the potential in utilizing marijuana into using it as a medicine, knowing that its components can help many people and heal their bodily ailments. They also have scientific research to back-up these claims.

Quite a few dispensaries in West Seattle have set aside this fear and began to capitalize on the many benefits of this miraculous plant. Evidence has shown those who have tried using marijuana have had amazing recoveries from serious illnesess. If you are not sure and you need more clarification then here are some examples where you will find that the effects of marijuana can make a good medicine.

  1. – Marijuana can help relieve the muscle pain and bodily spasm from a person who is diagnosed with it, examples are multiple sclerosis and arthritis.
    – It can also help prevent cancer from spreading into your body.
    – It is also a good use for anti-depressant and also anxiety problem.
    – Marijuana can also be used in treating people who have glaucoma.
    – It can help improve the health of your lungs and reverse the carcinogenic effects that are caused by tobacco.
    – Marijuana has TCH which is an important element that will help slow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.
    – This can be used as a medicine that will help treat hepatitis C and helps increase the effectiveness.

With these health benefits, you can finally understand the potential that it holds in actually changing the lives of many people who have suffered and endured so many physical illnesses. Knowing that marijuana can save people instead of killing this, can make the world see that marijuana is not just some drug to get high, but it is also another form of medicine that can help cure certain illness. For there are a lot of incurable illness that haven’t found any cure but maybe with the components that are made of marijuana is the missing link that they need to finally connect all the dots.
Knowing this, this is the chance that you should take because there are a lot of medical professionals who are willing enough to study and to test the capabilities that marijuana stands ready to offer. You cannot imagine the breakthrough that they will be facing. It is going to be a great success, and finally, they can fix the issue that people have endured for so long. They are no longer afraid; they will cease to fear for their life when there’s a medicine that is available to be used and that medicine can be marijuana.

Always Follow the Law When Marketing Cannabis

Always Follow the Law When Marketing Cannabis

Marketing of cannabis in Washington state is govern by laws that restricts a number cannabis-related marketing. It is therefore very important to keep up-to-date with the state’s laws which tend to change constantly. Cannabis marketing laws are strict and normally attracts a heavy penalty when not adhered to. For you to be on the save side of the law, always follow the following Cannabis Marketing laws which according to Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, all licensed cannabis producers, processors and retailers must always adhere to:

For licensed retailers– With a limited size of 1,600 square inches, the board restricts retailers from having more than two retail identification signs.

General law– This law restricts all usable cannabis and cannabis induced products adverts and labels sold in Washington state from having statements and/or illustrations which are of the following nature;

  • Encourages over consumption by not warning the users of its effect.
  • Falsely motivated and misleading the targeted public.
  • Portraying cannabis as cure or therapy medicine.
  • Lure minor below 21 years to cannabis consumption. This can be promoted through use of cartoons, toys and characters.

Advertisement locations– Among the rules that are keen in marketing of cannabis is the locations where you should place or maintain your usable or cannabis-infused products advertisement. The law restricts the advertisement in some places which includes:

  1. Anywhere within a radius of one thousand feet from facilities such as recreation centre, school grounds, child care centre, or any place that does not restrict minors of 21 years and below.
  2. Any property owned or operated by public.
  3. All public service vehicles.

Warnings accompanying the advertisements- During your marketing, you should ensure that you attach the following warnings to all usable and cannabis-infused products:

  1.  The health risk associated with the use of cannabis.
  2.  Intoxicating and addictive effects of continuous cannabis consumption.
  3.  Age bracket of cannabis users. I.e. only users with 21 years and above are allowed to consume the cannabis related products.
  4.  Effects of cannabis consumption which includes impairing of concentration, coordination and judgement. Also you should warn the users against operating vehicles and machinery under the influence of the drug.

Additionally, online marketing which comprises of company websites and social media are not left unregulated. For website, advertising,your company is allowed, however, selling of cannabis via the website is illegal. The law also allows you to use social media to advertise your company while seriously minding not to appeal to minors under 21 years. Moreover, with the use of websites and social media advertisement, the above-mentioned general laws apply.

Undoubtedly, if you make considerations to the laws and regulations above when marketing your cannabis, you will escape the wrath of the law.

Use the Right Platforms to Market Your Dispensary

Use the Right Platforms to Market Your Dispensary

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use in 2014, Washington has seen the number of marijuana dispensaries increase steadily. This is due to the increase in demand for the supply of quality marijuana in a clean and safe environment. However, though weed is a social drug, most users would not feel comfortable conducting their transactions in the publicly.

This has created opportunities for online social platforms to emerge and fill the gap between consumers and dispensaries. Because of advertising laws traditional marketing doesn’t work for dispensaries and you need to use the right platforms to market your dispensary, here are some of the best places on the internet.

1. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is the google maps for medical dispensaries and has become the go-to dispensary finder in most of the legalized states. It works by mapping all the local dispensaries and providing necessary information regarding each. This includes reviews by previous users, pictures of the strains available, prices of the strains, and it also has a forum thus enhancing community participation.

2. Leafly

With over 40 million page views in a month, Leafly is the largest marijuana related website in the world. It has a large database of marijuana strains and dispensaries available. It also has location capabilities that enable users to find the nearest dispensary depending on their zip code. Further data on the dispensaries is also provided, including photos and videos, types of strains available and their prices and the location. Leafly also gives users the opportunity to rate the dispensary using a star system.

3. Best Buds

Best Buds is an application that does most of the things already mentioned on the list, however, it has one unique characteristic that makes it stand out. Best Buds acts as a rewards program that allows users to accumulate reward “punches” for buying a particular strain or at a particular store. This app also enables users to get great deals by using money saving coupons listed on the app.

4. Wikileaf

Founded in 2014, Wikileaf is an online platform that provides local dispensaries the opportunity to showcase their price and products and compete for clients in a reverse auction. It works when a potential client post how much they are willing to spend on their next dispensary visit, and the local dispensaries provide information as to how many grams you would get for that amount.

5. Duby

Duby is the marijuana version of Facebook. It’s a social network where marijuana lovers get to socialize with similar minded people, get credible and up to date content regarding the marijuana industry and gain influence by sharing their “dubys” with hundreds of thousands of people. Though it does not provide dispensary information, owners can help market their dispensaries by being active participants.


This is a website that provides all relevant information regarding the state of marijuana industry. It also has a listing of dispensaries according to their state and area, giving relevant information on each.
With the increasing number of dispensaries offering marijuana to the community at large, you, as a smart owner in the digital age, have to stand out from the rest of the pack by using the right social media platforms to market your dispensary.