Use the Right Platforms to Market Your Dispensary

Use the Right Platforms to Market Your Dispensary

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use in 2014, Washington has seen the number of marijuana dispensaries increase steadily. This is due to the increase in demand for the supply of quality marijuana in a clean and safe environment. However, though weed is a social drug, most users would not feel comfortable conducting their transactions in the publicly.

This has created opportunities for online social platforms to emerge and fill the gap between consumers and dispensaries. Because of advertising laws traditional marketing doesn’t work for dispensaries and you need to use the right platforms to market your dispensary, here are some of the best places on the internet.

1. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is the google maps for medical dispensaries and has become the go-to dispensary finder in most of the legalized states. It works by mapping all the local dispensaries and providing necessary information regarding each. This includes reviews by previous users, pictures of the strains available, prices of the strains, and it also has a forum thus enhancing community participation.

2. Leafly

With over 40 million page views in a month, Leafly is the largest marijuana related website in the world. It has a large database of marijuana strains and dispensaries available. It also has location capabilities that enable users to find the nearest dispensary depending on their zip code. Further data on the dispensaries is also provided, including photos and videos, types of strains available and their prices and the location. Leafly also gives users the opportunity to rate the dispensary using a star system.

3. Best Buds

Best Buds is an application that does most of the things already mentioned on the list, however, it has one unique characteristic that makes it stand out. Best Buds acts as a rewards program that allows users to accumulate reward “punches” for buying a particular strain or at a particular store. This app also enables users to get great deals by using money saving coupons listed on the app.

4. Wikileaf

Founded in 2014, Wikileaf is an online platform that provides local dispensaries the opportunity to showcase their price and products and compete for clients in a reverse auction. It works when a potential client post how much they are willing to spend on their next dispensary visit, and the local dispensaries provide information as to how many grams you would get for that amount.

5. Duby

Duby is the marijuana version of Facebook. It’s a social network where marijuana lovers get to socialize with similar minded people, get credible and up to date content regarding the marijuana industry and gain influence by sharing their “dubys” with hundreds of thousands of people. Though it does not provide dispensary information, owners can help market their dispensaries by being active participants.


This is a website that provides all relevant information regarding the state of marijuana industry. It also has a listing of dispensaries according to their state and area, giving relevant information on each.
With the increasing number of dispensaries offering marijuana to the community at large, you, as a smart owner in the digital age, have to stand out from the rest of the pack by using the right social media platforms to market your dispensary.