Always Follow the Law When Marketing Cannabis

Always Follow the Law When Marketing Cannabis

Marketing of cannabis in Washington state is govern by laws that restricts a number cannabis-related marketing. It is therefore very important to keep up-to-date with the state’s laws which tend to change constantly. Cannabis marketing laws are strict and normally attracts a heavy penalty when not adhered to. For you to be on the save side of the law, always follow the following Cannabis Marketing laws which according to Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, all licensed cannabis producers, processors and retailers must always adhere to:

For licensed retailers– With a limited size of 1,600 square inches, the board restricts retailers from having more than two retail identification signs.

General law– This law restricts all usable cannabis and cannabis induced products adverts and labels sold in Washington state from having statements and/or illustrations which are of the following nature;

  • Encourages over consumption by not warning the users of its effect.
  • Falsely motivated and misleading the targeted public.
  • Portraying cannabis as cure or therapy medicine.
  • Lure minor below 21 years to cannabis consumption. This can be promoted through use of cartoons, toys and characters.

Advertisement locations– Among the rules that are keen in marketing of cannabis is the locations where you should place or maintain your usable or cannabis-infused products advertisement. The law restricts the advertisement in some places which includes:

  1. Anywhere within a radius of one thousand feet from facilities such as recreation centre, school grounds, child care centre, or any place that does not restrict minors of 21 years and below.
  2. Any property owned or operated by public.
  3. All public service vehicles.

Warnings accompanying the advertisements- During your marketing, you should ensure that you attach the following warnings to all usable and cannabis-infused products:

  1.  The health risk associated with the use of cannabis.
  2.  Intoxicating and addictive effects of continuous cannabis consumption.
  3.  Age bracket of cannabis users. I.e. only users with 21 years and above are allowed to consume the cannabis related products.
  4.  Effects of cannabis consumption which includes impairing of concentration, coordination and judgement. Also you should warn the users against operating vehicles and machinery under the influence of the drug.

Additionally, online marketing which comprises of company websites and social media are not left unregulated. For website, advertising,your company is allowed, however, selling of cannabis via the website is illegal. The law also allows you to use social media to advertise your company while seriously minding not to appeal to minors under 21 years. Moreover, with the use of websites and social media advertisement, the above-mentioned general laws apply.

Undoubtedly, if you make considerations to the laws and regulations above when marketing your cannabis, you will escape the wrath of the law.